Camera (Sensor) Presets update

I often noticed, that Blenders “Camera Presets” are a bit outdated and also a mix of common Sensor sizes and spesific camera models. I think the commonly used Sensor sizes + some cameras with uncommon sensors and fixed focal length would be more user freindly and also better to maintain. Having a list of a hundret cameras with the same sensor isn’t beneficial in my opinion and gets outdated quickly. I’ve already created the necessary python files for following Presets:

0.49 IMAX
0.72 Arri Alexa
0.75 65mm
0.78 Mediumformat
0.93 RED Monstro 8K
0.96 Arri Alexa LF
1.0 Fullframe
1.25 RED Dragon 6k
1.28 Arri Alexa mini & STX
1.28 RED helium 8k
1.29 APS-H (Canon)
1.39 Super 35
1.49 Blackmagic URSA 4.6k
1.49 RED Dragon 5K
1.52 APS-C
1.59 35mm
1.61 APS-C (Canon)
1.74 Foveon (Sigma)
2.00 MFT
2.01 Blackmagic Pocket 4K
2.72 1 Inch
2.97 Super 16
3.02 Blackmagic Pocket & Studio
3.41 16mm
3.93 ⅔ Inch
4.84 1/1.8 Inch
5.64 ½.3 Inch
6.02 ½.5 Inch
6.44 ½.7 Inch
7.61 ⅓.2 Inch

Now created a commit


I think most people will know some common sensors like Fullframe and now what look they want. And especialy in motion tracking most people know what camera (sensor) they have i think. Listing hundrets of individual cameras is just too much to list and maintain, as new cameras come up every month. The exact settings are still availible as before. I dont think anyone will remember the exact dimensions of a sensor. The list is just a quick setting. I dont see a reason for ist to dissapear, as it dosnt take away any feature.
I commited a patch today with some new presets , so I also updat the list here as I extendet the naming with the crop factor for better sorting.

nevertheless thanks for taking a look. If you have any improvement ideas: please share them.
(its actually worse: because its the diagonal and you would have to calculate the width and height in mm with the correct ratio from it)

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Bdw. isnt fullframe the same as 35mm ?

perhabs I should make the name more precise. The preset is 35mm Film vor movies. As it was used vertical, the size is 22 x 16 mm. for photos you’re right, there it’s fullframe equivalent

As someone who works in the VFX film industry, these presets are very useful. Of course, it’s impossible to keep track of all the cameras but I thing the major ones (Alexa, Red, Blackmagic) should be there.

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