Camera clip start / end adaptively for each pixel (clip map)


I would like to use clip start / end adaptively for each pixel.
For example, for pixel (50,50) start from 0.3 and for pixel (50,100) start from 0.5.

The purpose is to see behind objects, one time to render it with clip start equal to zero and second time to see behind the objects, by render depth map and change clip start for each pixel according to depth map.

Is this feature existed in blender?
If no, how complex it would be to change it?

I know how to program in blender by python pretty well but in C++ I’m quite new.
So python is preferred, but if it’s not possible, so please refer me to relevant sources in C++ where I can start review it.
(I have expereience in C++, but I haven’t done it yet in Blender).