Built-In Pie Menu Should NOT use Ctrl-S

So I am using the Load/Save pie menu rather frequently as it’s got a save incremental feature built in. Yet there is something I find seriously dangerous about the Ctrl-S menu. It uses the standard shortcut for saving from nearly every program.

This has two implications where it can go wrong:

  1. I want to save incrementally but have not activated the pie menu. Ctrl-S permanently saves over the current file instead of opening the options menu (which might even have been supposed to be used for loading or importing)
  2. Gtting very used to using Ctrl-S for this menu to invoke save incremental or even import might interfere with muscle memory with every other program.

Since we are talking about the save command we are even in the danger zone of a not undoable option.

I’d highly propose letting the user reconfigure the standard pie menu shortcuts and changing the Save and Load pie to something like Alt-S or even Ctrl-Alt-S