Building master 02-27-2023 results in missing builtin addons

I did make update and make release for windows build and I get missing built in addons.
Thanks for any pointers.

Those addons are missing from 3.6/scripts/addons

Only ‘Cycles’ is there.

Also addons_contrib is missing.

sounds like the install phase didn’t run or your addon folders are missing (they moved recently) can you validate scripts/addons and scripts/addons_contrib exist in your source folder?

scripts/addons is there but only contains cycles folder
scripts/addons_contrib is not there.

source folder, not build folder

Sorry, neither addons or addons_contrib are in source folder.

Scripts/addons not just addons

scripts/addons and scripts/addons_contrib are not there

Other folders are in scripts like freestyle etc…

what is the output when you run make update in your source folder?

I had to run ‘make update’ twice for the add-ons and add-ons contrib folders to be checked out by git. Maybe it’s the same problem here


That got it working, thanks RainerTrummer