Building Latest Blender Mantaflow

Hey guys! I built the latest git branch of blender mantaflow (after some initial glitches) on Ubuntu 18.04 and it built just fine. Only problem is that mantaflow doesn’t seem to want to work. I know it’s alpha quality, but I can’t get even the most basic simulations to work reliably. The user interface itself works, but the main issue is that the domain object is rendering and I can’t get get it to go transparent. The experimental build from Sep 27 works occasionally. If I setup a very basic quick smoke sim it will render, but when I change any resolution setting the previews go away and rebaking doesn’t work.

I really want to use Mantaflow, but if I can’t even modify the simulation then it’s back to the old smoke sim. Ugh.j

Any help greatly appreciated. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Your problem is just at render time?

There is a bug right now that only shows the domain at render time, not the result
I think @sebbas already knows it :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s at render time. Any known fix?

Not right now, wait until it get fixed :slight_smile: (or use the previous build)

What’s the easiest way to get the previous build?

downloading it from the buildbot, what you did, but if that build does you need to wait until the problem is fixed or try if there is some old build on