Building Cycles Standalone

I’m trying to build cycles standalone.
After an endless search for libraries i got stuck at 60%.
It looks like make is looking for OpenImageIO 2.1.
I have 2.2 installed.
When I switch back to 2.1 build process stops earlier.
Looks like building needs two versions of the same library.
I searched how to install two versions of the same library but the process is complicated.
Any help ?

Please add the output you see in Terminal, after saving it in text file(s).

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Finally managed to build this version:

Those interested can download it

Not sure what libraries needed to make it work in linux anyway.

On Linux, installing the dependencies for building Blender, as described in the Blender wiki helps a lot. (Though I was told it won’t help you in Windows)
Also, disabling some of the build options via cmake command line decreases the needed dependencies. (And potentially makes cycles faster)