Building blender without certain parts


I hope this is the right place to ask this question, otherwise I apologize.

Here, I imagine that I would work on a blender without the modules (parts?): Video editor, without sculpting, without audio, without texture paint, without composer.
Crazy idea?
I just wonder if that would make the blender more responsive (less ram consumption).
And of course are these modules separable from the rest?

Thank you for your attention


You can disable parts of blender when you build it by opening cmake and change the configuration of blender.

Just open cmake and open the source of blender on your harddrive… Have a look around and disable some things.

if you run make lite in the source folder, it’ll setup a build with all the optional modules disabled.

And do you think that would bring a significant ram gain.
My problem being that with a very big scene, frozen blender, paddle and other latency.

Not expecting any significant change in RAM usage, unless you were actually using the components that are being disabled. Ie if you were not using the compositor and you disable it beyond a slightly smaller blender binary there will be no change.

thank you for your info.
No I do not use modules that I would like to delete.
I thought, (without real scientific basis) that the modules were linked and that between them there were exchanges of values, variables etc … even if they were not used.
If as you say it will not change much at the consumer level of ram, it will have no interest.

Too bad, because with 15/20 GB memory scenes everything in the blender becomes very slow and each action takes 30 seconds …
(I have 32 go ram and not even on that with 64 it is better.)

Thank you for your advice, have a nice day.


You’ll need to optimize your scene. Probably would be a good idea to break it up into seperate .blends and use link/override to bring them all together. That would make it so the undo system is using less RAM (of course, you’ll want to use 2.90, since it has the per-library undo improvements). Undo uses a lot of RAM, so this is the first thing I would address.

And after that, of course – producing lower-resolution assets using decimate modifier for example.

make lite wouldn’t help you much, I imagine, because it builds without even Cycles!