Building 2.79 - How to?

Hello everyone.
In my situation, I need to build Blender 2.79, because I don’t have OpenGL 3.3 and my package manager only supplies 2.93
So, I’d need to git clone the old version, along the deps.
Is this possible? If so, how?
I’m using a pseudo Ubuntu system, I say pseudo because I’m using a chroot in Android, but it’s very compatible.

Thanks for any help.

2.79 had no prebuilt libraries for Linux (we do now, but only for x64), so you’re somewhat on your own here, build_files/build_environment/ could offer some relief there, but … given 2.79 is pretty old at this point, many of the download links it uses are likely stale, and for the packages it grabs from the distro’s repo, odds are they are going to be versions not compatible with a codebase this old,
also the 2.79 codebase is likely not compatible with modern compilers, this is likely gonna be an uphill battle.

if you can run x86/x64 code, grabbing a binary release from our release archive is the easiest way to go about this. If you can’t i’m not saying it’s impossible, but you’re likely going to have a “unpleasant” time.

Yes, I was indeed referring to, and I have an Arm64 architecture.
I also tried downloading old debs from, but it’s so messy to keep track of everything.
Maybe with apt build-dep blender? But I’d need an old version anyhow.

Thanks by the way

I did it dirty: I installed a test Debian system, then changed the repo address to target Debian Buster.
Everything WORKS!!!

Thanks anyhow for your help =)