Buildbot hasn't built Blender 2.83 alpha since March 31

For the last three days, hasn’t posted an up-to-date blender 2.83 alpha, while MacOS and Windows are caught up. Anyone know why? Can this be looked at, please?


same for linux dailybuild

I meant Daily Builds, as well. Thanks for mentioning it.

whlie I also thing the Build Bot could be updated more frequently in this case, the best way to have allways the newest version is to bild it yourself. You can build whenever you want, don’t have to download allways the whole thing new and It’s not that difficult to setup. If you want to update than, just use 2 short command lines. here is the guide to do.

@TheFynn i compile Blender by myself when i need fresh Blender,
but it is a lot faster download less 200MB of tested Blender archive than spend 1 hour to build it by myself without make any test

A minor update was done to one of the php files in the builder jail, but otherwise should be unrelated.

A quick look at the logs does have a few backtraces that maybe could be looked into. Perhaps @sergey can take a peek here?

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There was a compilation error happening with older GCC versions caused by recent Perlin noise optimization. It has been solved yesterday.

At this time I see all builders to be online and all builds are dated ~1am 3rd of April (the time they are scheduled to do builds).


Seems to be building and updating on the site just fine, now. Thanks, Sergey and everyone who was involved in fixing this. I build Blender myself, but some of my colleagues rely heavily on the builder to get their latest copies.

Thank, again.