Build break on master

Hi All,

Not sure which channel would be the best one to report this error message :slight_smile:

It looks like that this submission - blender.git/commit breaks current master build using enabled “WITH_CYCLES_STANDALONE(_GUI)” options:

.../blender/src/intern/cycles/app/cycles_xml.cpp: In function ‘void ccl::xml_read_shader_graph(ccl::XMLReadState&, ccl::Shader*, OpenImageIO_v2_1::pugi::xml_node)’:
.../blender/src/intern/cycles/app/cycles_xml.cpp:295:63: error: no matching function for call to ‘ccl::OSLShaderManager::osl_node(ccl::ShaderManager*&, std::string&)’
        snode = OSLShaderManager::osl_node(manager, filepath);

In file included from .../blender/src/intern/cycles/app/cycles_xml.cpp:34:
.../blender/src/intern/cycles/app/../render/osl.h:96:19: note: candidate: ‘static ccl::OSLNode* ccl::OSLShaderManager::osl_node(ccl::ShaderGraph*, ccl::ShaderManager*, const string&, const string&, const string&)’
        static OSLNode *osl_node(ShaderGraph *graph

.../blender/src/intern/cycles/app/../render/osl.h:96:19: note:   candidate expects 5 arguments, 2 provided

I guess adding “shader” variable as a first parameter (created on line 213 “ShaderGraph *graph = new ShaderGraph();”) would be the right fix for it.


@KevinDietrich, can you check this?