Build Blender with CUDA and Optix

@LazyDodo, I’m trying to install CUDA on my Windows 10 pc. I just want to verify if AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics is not compatible on this? If not? What is an alternative solution on this? Thank you

What hardware blende supports can be found in the the manual .

The short of it is, CUDA is an nvidia only technology, for AMD openCL may work, but it depends on how old your card is , you need GCN 2 or newer for cycles to work.

Thank you so much for that Information.
May I ask also on the executable Blender because it can automatically detect if what cycle render devices are available, is there any way to always off or to remove the option for Cuda/Optix?OpenCL ?

If you build your own blender you can turn off WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_CUDA , WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_OPENCL, WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_OPTIX in cmake.

In the binary shipped from the website these will all be on and cannot be removed.


You should use the cmake gui to edit that if you can. Using the gui is pretty straightforward, and it does all the figuring out for you, and all the configuring and generation.

You can just edit them directly from the command line, though, something like
cmake -DWITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_CUDA, maybe, but I think it’s different on Windows. (Also, this is from memory so I might have just remembered the command wrong… you get the idea, it’s only one line.)

Hi Eliza,

you can build your own Blender executable from source code if you follow instructions over here:

The make call is the place to change build flags like WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_XXX. In order to override default settings, instead of a plain make you should use something like:

That will not work on windows.

I’m working on Window 10 OS @LazyDodo, and I already build Blender code, my problem is i need to turn off/on the CUDA features. Where is it eactly WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_CUDA , WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_OPENCL , WITH_CYCLES_DEVICE_OPTIX in cmake???Is it on GUI or CMakeCache.txt?THen i need to build again or just run the rebuild after editing the cmake??



thank you thank you for the help :slight_smile: @LazyDodo

Then sorry for my misleading answer, I thought make works the same on both Linux and Win.

Yes i follow the BUilding Blender for windows
thank you for your suggestion, i appreciate it.

I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you for that.

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