Build blender player


I built blender form the source code (git:// ) using visual studio 2017.
After compile it I only see blender.exe, but I cant find blenderplayer.exe

How can I get the blenderplayer project? Is it a different source code base?

thank you

Blender Player and the Blender Game Engine are no longer supported.

if I build a previous blender version, would I be able to get blender player ?
I downloaded a bin verison of blender 2.79 and it has blenderplayer as one of its executables

What I want to do is see the process on how blender sends the projection and camera matrices to BlenderVR. There are few modifications that I can do to make it work with the cave system I am currently working with.

You can checkout the blender2.7 branch, that still has the game engine.

Hello again,

Is there set of instructions to build old blender versions for windows?
I was trying to build 2.76, but there is no make.bat or any of the windows files under build_files.

Thank you.

2.76 is before we added those convenience build scripts, you should be able to make a build on your own by making the required project files using cmake.

However the odds of being able to build it with MSVC2017 and the latest libraries from svn are essentially 0.

You’ll need the exact libraries and headers we used for 2.76, which you can find here you’ll also need a copy of MSVC 2013 which you could probably obtain from here

beyond that it’s not that different from the Manual Cmake Setup section on the building wiki

Do you really need to build 2.76 even, instead of 2.79?

I do see blenderplayer in the 2.79 source folder, so It might work. Although, blendervr documentation suggests using 2.76. It seems blendervr is a bit old, and I’m not sure if is still supported or it has been maintained to work with newer version of blender.

If it is easier to build , then I’ll try using 2.79.


Hello Again,

So, I tried building 2.79 for vc2015/17 win64 but I got compilation errors referring to the bf_blenkernel lib required to run blenderplayer.

‘me_method’: is not a member of ‘AVCodecContext’ bf_blenkernel D:\blender-git\blender2.79\blender\source\blender\blenkernel\intern\writeffmpeg.c

I took a look a the AVCodecContext struct, defined in \lib\win64_vc14\ffmpeg\include\libavcodec\avcodec.h

In that file, the struct AVCodecContext does not have the member variable me_method as the error claims. However, checking the same avcodec.h but in the win64_vc12 version of the file, the struct does have that member variable.
My first approach was to build the project (2.79) using win64_vc12 , but the make.bat script throws me an error:

CMake Error at build_files/cmake/platform/platform_win32_msvc.cmake:151 (message):
Windows requires pre-compiled libs at:

Checking that specific cmake file, the vc 2015 build is forced to use vc14, which does not define the variable mentioned above.

Any ideas on what could be a next step. I appreciate the help in advance.

Are you building the blender2.7 branch? That is the one that works with the latest versions of the libraries.

the vc12 libs are for msvc2013, which the current master and 2.7 branches no longer support.

If you are building the ‘actual 2.79b’ and not just the latest ‘blender 2.7’ branch. you’ll need to grab the libraries that were tagged for that release from svn.

Build from branch 2.7 works , and blenderplayer is included in the project !!

thanks a lot

once you checkout ‘blender 2.7’ be sure to run make update, to get the matching addons