Build Blender crashes when pressed render

Cant fix this problem and hope someone can help.
I compiled blender with the help on the wiki and it starts normally and i can nearly do everything except the hdri are´t loading and it crashed when i press the render button.

I tried:
-running visual Studio in admin mode
-google of cause but could not find a solution

I really hope someone can help?
and a big thank you to the blender devs.!

Or is there another software i can use than visual studio?

I also activated the microsoft symbol service because it was a suggested solution but it didnt help me either.

I hope the screenshot of the error helps

F12 is the global debugger hotkey on windows, it’s not a crash, you’re requesting the debugger to break.

Given this is a somewhat unfortunate key choice with blenders default of using F12 to render, you can remap the key using the registry keys described here

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Didnt know that… but thank you so much!