Build Blender App with Application Templates

Hello all,

I read this Blog Post like the Idea a lot: Blender Apps — Blender Developers Blog

After a bit of testing I created Application Templates to use blender as a Level Editor. Application Templates — Blender Manual.

This works really well, I have only some Problems with the Userpref.blend file. But this is not a big deal.

So now I try to create a Standalone Application, because currently you need to open Blender and create a new scene with the Template or open over the terminal.
I build Blender with a new Version number like 99 to have no problem with an existing Blender version.

Everything works good, the problem is I can’t find a Way to start blender with a Template. I mean override the “General” Templates.
Is there a way to do this? Maybe to add default Arguments, but I can’t find where.

Thanks for helping

You’re not specifying which OS you are working on, so I can only give a general hint. When you run Blender from the command line, you can indeed specify an application template using a command line switch: blender --app-template NameOfYourTemplate should do exactly what you want. However, I am not aware of a mechanism to really “override” the General app template, I believe this is hard coded into Blender. Would also love some insights from one of the developers on this one.

To see a list of all command line switches, use blender -b --help in a Linux terminal or Windows command line. You’ll find the aforementioned switch there as well (at least in 3.4 and 3.5 versions).