Build 2.79 or 2.78c with Python 3.6 - doable?

Hello, I realize this is a long shot, but I hope there is someone on the forum who can help.

I am stuck with using 2.79 or 2.78c on Linux (Ubuntu18) for a project, but a lot of the pre-existing python scripts I need to use are written for python 3.6, and the 3.5 interpreter that comes with the stock Blender binary distribution is giving me a huge amount of pain, as some of the python code either doesn’t work outright, or is one change away from being broken by eager developers who are into f-string or type annotations.

Could someone please please (with cherry on top :slight_smile: please tell me if rebuilding one of those old Blender versions with python 3.6 is possible, and give me some hints/ a recipe for how to do it?

Thanks very much for your help, any hints appreciated.

Hi F.

It might be possible, AFAIK Python 3.5 and 3.6 aren’t hugely different on the inside. Have you built Blender from source before?


Hi Sybren,

Thanks replying. I have not built Blender before - but can find my way around. Main problem I have at the moment is how to find the required external library dependencies (which, oddly enough, include python). I am following Building Blender/Linux/Ubuntu - Blender Developer Wiki but it pulls deps for much more recent versions of Blender (including python 3.7+). Do you happen to have a build recipe for 2.78c?


For 2.7x we had no libraries available in svn for linux, so you’re mostly on your own getting those, blender/build_files/build_environment/ (the best way to get the deps in the 2.7x era) may offer some relief there, but i’ll be honest it’ll likely be an uphill struggle.

Thanks LazyDodo.

Well, at this point there is evidence that it is possible at least for 2.79 - I just realized that Ubuntu18 includes a ‘blender’ package that installs 2.79 using the system python 3.6: Ubuntu – Details of package blender in bionic It also lists the direct dependencies, so it might get me started.

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