Buidling blender error "fatal: unable to look up git.blender.org (port 9418)…or WSAStartup failed'

im following all the instructions from this page very carefully
learning to build blender on win10 64 bit, need a bit of help here.
also im not a programmer at all.

Git for Windows (v2.19.2.windows.1) introduced a bug where it is unable to open git:// urls (#1949). You seem to have updated in the brief window it was marked as “latest release” (it has been reverted to “pre-release” since). A fixed version is scheduled for early December.

For now, just downgrade Git for Windows to v2.19.1.windows.1.

Running git update-git-for-windows from the command-line also works.

wow what are the odds, seems to work now, thanks!

Maybe not that improbable after all. It seems both gitforwindows. org and git-scm.com/download/win are still serving the broken update. It should be fixed in a couple of days when v2.20.0 gets released.