Bpy with Python 3.8

Hi, did somebody succeeded in building and using Blender 2.9 as a Python module ?
On my side I try to use Blender inside a Python program developed with Python 3.8.
I succeeded in building bpy but not with Python version forced to 3.8 (PYTHON_VERSION in CmakeLists seems not to do anything), and then bpy is incompatible with my Python version.
I tryed then to run my program inside Blender, or to run my program with a .bat file using Blender in background mode, which I succeeded in, but I have to reinstall all packages my program uses and trying to do that I also uncounter a conflict problem between both Python version (my main one and Blender’s one)…
Last idea I do not really want to try is redo all my Python installation with version 3.7…too bad.
So I unfortunately decided not to use Blender…waiting for a version compatible with Python 3.8…and/or any information about somebody who succeeded in using bpy !

Merely changing the number in the Cmake settings shouldn’t be enough, you also have to install the Python dependency (and I think for this you have to do it manually in Blender’s source code).

This is really not something I know how to help with, though. If you’re on Windows, you might try giving Lazy Dodo a shout.