bpy.types.HemiLight missing from 2.80.44 790cb7799dcf

Ok, so after having a user hit our forum with an error we’ve managed to verify that 790cb7799dcf doesn’t appear to have bpy.types.Hemilight. However, the corresponding macOS build faa255c0a4e4 does have bpy.types.Hemilight. So this got us to wondering, is this an intentional API breaking change, or an unintentional change.

I’m hopeful its the latter, because that would explain the difference between windows and MacOS. Can someone please shed light on whether bpy.types.Hemilight is or is not to be deprecated?!

We need a little certainty for how to code our addon, it assumed that the hemi-light/lamp would be sticking around. Having it in a quantum superposition of ‘sticking’ and ‘not sticking’ around makes coding the addon for all platforms a little tricky.

Thanks guys!

The hemi light type was removed some months ago since it was never supported by Cycles or Eevee. bpy.types.HemiLight was accidentally left in even though there was no way to create it, so now it was removed as well. The macOS build is just a few days out of date and will be updated soon.


@brecht Thanks so much for the quick reply! Ok, we’ll not count on HemiLight being there anymore.