Bpy.ops.transform Mouse Wheel

What doing mouseupwheel / mousedownwheel event in bpy.ops.transform.translate operator???

Can’t this be released for zoom in/out use while ops.transform run ??

Checking for event.type while ops.transform operator run I can return middlemouse press/release but dont mousewheel events.

An explanation for this can be seen in this proposal:

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thank you @mano-wii

your proposal is way better… will be implemented in master some day? or is one more the abandoned proposal only?

this and ‘transform-snap-based’ proposal woulbe very large pass forward in precision modeling.

I think at least mousewheel for zoom in/ou with ‘zoom to mouse position ON’ already resolve almost all needs to view navigation while transforming… maybe alt + wheel to zoom in/out :slight_smile: :pray:

It’s almost abandoned.
The idea of changing keymaps is controversial and the code needs a lot more involvement.
One idea to resolve these controversies is to make “navigation while transforming” + “keymap change” optional.
But the interface and code for this proved to be complicated and needs time and involvement.

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Ok… thank you anyway for your efforces e great work in blender dev…

I hope, some day, you have time to finish and commit this navigation-while-transform and transform-snap-based patches to master branch…