Bpy module compile: Audaspace support

Hi there, i have followed the instructions on building on

  1. Building Blender/Other/BlenderAsPyModule - Blender Developer Wiki
  2. Building Blender/Linux/Ubuntu - Blender Developer Wiki

Enabled Audaspace and didn’t work. Played with some flags on / off and still nothing. Wasn’t sure if by default it would disable it when building with make bpy , even tho one sets the Audaspace flag to yes. If someone can direct me to a step-by-step with Audaspace I’ll appreciate it. So far I’ve followed all steps I’ve found and, when it builds, it always says the same error when adding an audio strip with new_sound . I’m just trying to use bpy directly, to be able to debug my code.

I get to the end and the bpy module gets compiled awesomely, but i think am not doing something right .

Can the bpy module be compiled with Audaspace support? Every time I then import it on my Python script, it says it wasn’t compiled with Audaspace support, when adding an audio strip.