Booltool addon 2.9 Properties menu disappeared

Inbuilt Booltool addon for 2.9 version. In the N panel i can see the booltool menu but the properties canvas menu is not visible. Here is the menu which show the cutter i want to apply and remove. I cant find this menu in 2.9 version. Any suggestion is that feature removed in 2.9 or hidden. Thanks

For me in 2.90 where it disappear. Is there any option which it hide

As you see in my image setting are in Edit tab on Sidebar, you need select destination object (that have boolean in stack modifier) not brush object used for boolean operation. You need use Brush Boolean options. Also reset to default setting and try again, i test this from 2.79B version until today Blender and this still working in all Blender

FYI devtalk is wrong place to ask for Blender support

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Thanks got it. I was selecting the cutter.

With the shortcut ctrl & numpad - does not work to create the properties canvas. With the ctrl+shift+B and selecting from the pop-up menu it creates the properties canvas.

Why the shortcut ctrl & numpad - does not work direct. Is that bug or something else. Thanks