Boolean Improvement

I was working on a complex shape and I create a simple shape where every line in the simple shape is matched up with the complex shape. I also used the Boolean with “difference”. Something was wrong, so I ended up investigating and found out the cause.

Here’s the explanation and picture below:


Okay. just check to see if I can upload 2 pictures, which is all good. Okay, The “A” have 2 cubes where these lines are not aligned with the other cube’s lines. You can see that it have loop cuts (this is very similar case where my complex shape has). You can look at two pictures on left and right. You’ll see that the right picture show that “A” where boolean is working properly.

The “B” have the opposite idea to what “A” is where two cubes have their lines just perfectly aligned. On the right picture is showing that the boolean is not working properly due to these lines being aligned…

Please note that I’ll report this issue as well.

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my hope:
when a good level of booleans has matured, it will pave the way for new “fakenurbs-surfaces” to pave the way for an all-original blenderized CAD


The current Blender Boolean does not do anything good if there are exact overlaps of geometry, as appears to be the case in your example.
I am working on an improvement to Boolean where one of the main goals is for it to work when there are exact (or near exact) overlaps of geometry.


Looks like a floating point issue. A simple solution would by to save the Origin of Object B and scale it up before the Boolean (Scale * 1.0005). And after the Boolean select all new added vertex to Object A (this should by the Geometry of Object B) and use the saved Origin to scale them down (Scale * 1/1.0005).

This could be done in a Python-Script for testing.

I am aware that you are working on the boolean system and you are also doing improvement on other systems. Just take your time and you would able to find the answer for the issues. well take one thing at a time. :relaxed:
meanwhile, I have a way to work around these issues for now. I should be fine. I only wanted to report the issues because I want to see a better Blender for many users to use. :smirk: can’t wait to see that day!

have a nice day!

Solver Carve - slow, but cool, Solver BMesh - fast, but bad. Carve can working with overlap geometry, almost like CAD, BMesh - cant. But if overlaping geometry very mach - Carve cant working too.
And old Boolean can this Bug or ficha?

Having the non destructive Live Bevel after boolean feature, such as HardMesh, which the yeast has, would be an incredible add-on.

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