Book for new Blender Developers - Core Blender Development by Brad Hollister

I just found this book and haven’t seen it posted anywhere so thought I would share it where people might see it. Published December 2020, so relatively new, although some things are a little out of date.

The author is a professor who has been working with Blender since at least 2015 according to my Google Fu. I haven’t read much, but the first chapter is enough to convince me that it could help anyone asking, “Where to start?” ’

I’m fairly new so interested if those with more experience have thoughts.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro to the “Core” Blender Source Code
  2. Blender “DNA” and Serialization
  3. ghost: Soul of the windowmanager Module
  4. The blenlib and blenkernel Modules
  5. Blender’s Embedded Python
  6. Blender “RNA” and the Data API
  7. The editors Module, Operators, and Event System
  8. Editor Creation

That’s interesting to know that such a book even exist)

Thanks for the heads-up, gonna take a look at this

wow cool, gonna take a deeper look into it!

Wonder if the author is related to this Brad Hollister?
I’ve bought the tree version. It’s on its way. Remarks here in the good, sweet fullness of time.

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Blendernation remarks. Ton doesn’t seem to be entirely repelled. :wink:

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