Bokeh Rendering

Can there be an option to use an lens image as the bokeh shape?
Most renderers have this nowadays, but really miss this option in cycles. I know that there are tricks with blockers and putting stuff in front of the camera etc. but those are quite expensive to render and has other issues with aovs.
Something like lentil would be even more amazing.

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Feature requests should be made on other sites: Communication/Contact - Blender Developer Wiki

However, I will try to answer your question. At the moment there is not official way to change the bokeh shape in the version of Cycles distributed by the Blender foundation. However, it is entirely possible this feature could be added in the future.

In the meantime as a work around, you could try using the “Bokeh blur” node in the compositor and adding your own custom bokeh image. It has some limitations compared to ray tracing the bokeh, but in some cases those limitations aren’t noticeable.

this is already possible in both eevee and cycles in a physically accurate way by using physical geometry/an alpha cutout in front of the camera with depth of field enabled, what people are calling the ‘optical vignetting’ technique.

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