Bmesh uvloop.select_edge bug?

is BMLoopUV.select_edge actually supposed to do anything? Because currently it does not. I was working on a script where I needed to know which edge the user had selected while in UV edit mode, and the docs for BMLoopUV.select_edge looked to be exactly what I needed, however it always returns false- whether there’s a selection or not. You can manually set it to true, and it gets stored propertly but the actual UVs never get selected… it’s bizarre and feels like a bug to me, but since I’ve never used it before I wanted to post it here to get confirmation that I’m either A) an idiot (please educate me!), or B) this is a bug and needs to be fixed.

Attaching an example scene with bare minimum repro conditions- just select a UV edge and run the “UVLoop Select Edge Bug?” operator that comes as an embedded script in the scene. It goes through every face’s uvloops and reports the value of select_edge- it is always false! nevermind… devtalk won’t let me upload a .blend file so I guess that’s not going to happen. Here’s the script anyway:

import bpy
import bmesh

def main(context):
    bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(
    uv_layer = bm.loops.layers.uv.verify()   
    for face in bm.faces:
        for loop in face.loops:
            uvloop = loop[uv_layer]
            # BUG(?): -------------------------------------------
            # select_edge is always false, even if there is an edge selected!!
            if uvloop.select_edge:
                print("THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN")
            # ---------------------------------------------------

class SimpleOperator(bpy.types.Operator):
    bl_idname = "object.simple_operator_bug_test"
    bl_label = "UVLoop Select Edge Bug?"

    def poll(cls, context):
        return context.active_object is not None

    def execute(self, context):
        return {'FINISHED'}

def register():

def unregister():

if __name__ == "__main__":
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Alright, I’m convinced this is a bug… gonna post this over on the bug tracker.