Blown out reference

When working in a blender, I ran into one problem. I don’t know, maybe someone has already come across, but the reference or photo on which I want to create a model is blown out. I do not know what this is connected with. I hope for your help.

Dumb question: did you check the color space of the reference image in the properties? Should be set to sRGB

If you are talking about this, then yes it costs sRGB and is still overexposed

but through Filmic Log it becomes not overexposed. It’s just that I don’t understand this very much and I would like to ask you is it normal or not?

If it’s not a problem, could you share here both the blend file and the image?

sorry i dont know how to send mixed file to you, i just cant, sorry. And the photo itself is

And thanks for trying to figure out my problem

sorry for not knowing a lot. For example, how to find and send you this file

Don’t worry, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any solution :frowning: , with my Blender the image looks as it should be… maybe try to reload the factory settings in File>Defaults, and see what happens when you import the image again

I did as you said, but unfortunately it didn’t help. But if I use Filmic Log to create a model from the image, will my result change?
And thanks again for trying to solve my problem. I am very grateful to you)