Blender's perpetual panning cursor


Blender has the feature where when panning and the cursor is about to go out of the viewport, it appears translated on the opposite side of the viewport and one can then pan perpetually.

Now I really miss that feature in Gimp and Inkscape so I opened feature requests to add that feature but I don’t know how that works exactly on the graphic tablet and how is it implemented exactly.

So could someone please jump in in this feature request thread and explain the implementation or give some usage info?

I believe it’s called the Space War cursor :wink:


Any link to more info? I can’t find anything anywhere about a space war cursor

It’s called Continuous Grab in the preferences and you can look for GHOST_kGrabWrap in the code.

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For graphics tablets this doesn’t really do anything by the way, if you reach the edge of the tablet you can’t go any further. For a mouse there is no physical edge, so it’s maybe more frustrating if the application appears to artificially limit things.


Thank you, that seems to be what I was looking for! Not the space war cursor lol XD