Hey everyone,
during the Keynote Ton talked about the concept of the BlenderApp.

That sounds like an amazing concept to take all core modules of Blender and to make them modular to be able to put them into an executable to create a domain specific application by writing glue code.

As I am currently looking into using Rust and Tauri or egui to create desktop applications using that UI tech stack - changing towards creating multimedia, 3d, 2d apps using Blenders tech stack could be an even better solution - not just for creating 3d presentation applications but more domain specific applications.

Is there more information available on this?
Is it possible to help out here?

Thanks in advance!

The current documentation is over here: Application Templates — Blender Manual

but i admit, i’m not entirely sure how up to date it is

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Thanks a lot, that already helps!

I will work through that material to get an initial idea about it and as Ton said, they will most likely come up with a feature on the code blog so I’ll be waiting for that.

For now - thanks for this! :slight_smile:

In case you didn’t already see this: Blender Apps — Blender Developers Blog