Blender XML to Cycles Standalone

How exactly would one make an XML file from a Blender scene to use with Cycles Standalone? Is there a script of some kind that does this?

If not, how exactly would one use Cycles Standalone to render a Blender scene?

there is a very basic Blender python script to export geometry to Cycles standalone, don’t know if this is still working though. The xml api is more of a proof of concept, rather than meant for serious use.

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Ah I see, thank-you Thomas. If the XML api isn’t meant for serious use, what is the intended method for rendering scenes from blender in Cycles Standalone?

I guess the answer is, Cycles Standalone is not meant for serious use. You are supposed to build the code into a serious-use 3D modeller app as a rendering option.

Yes. Cycles standalone was mainly used in the beginning, when Brecht initially wrote the engine, before it was integrated into Blender.

Of course someone who is interested could look into extending it. Add Alembic or VDB Import for example, have a proper UI…