BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS and multiple paths?

From what I can tell the BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS does not support multiple paths. Has there been any discussion regarding this? In some situations it’s very useful to be able to have multiple paths here (separated by colon/semi-colon).

  • I know there is a BLENDER_SYSTEM_SCRIPTS, and it would be nice if that supported multiple paths as well.

Found this:

The most common use case for this in a production is that you have the BLENDER_SYSTEM_SCRIPTS set to a global path, i.e D:/tools/blender. This is were you keep the global tools that are used in all productions. Then when you launch Blender (via some launcher tool) it appends a project specific path that appends project specific tools to that session. That path is different for each project. Also tools for a sequence or a shot can be appended to that path.

From blender --help
Environment Variables:
$BLENDER_USER_CONFIG Directory for user configuration files.
$BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS Directory for user scripts.
$BLENDER_SYSTEM_SCRIPTS Directory for system wide scripts.

The env vars point to directories. They are not search paths.
If you are simply looking to import Python modules, you can set the env var PYTHONPATH or append to sys.path inside Blender.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m not looking for to just python modules, I want to use different directories for tools/add-ons.