Blender support for AMD HIP on Windows

Hello Team,

I have built blender using Visual Studio 2019 and I have found that the blender.exe has issues because there is no support for ROCm on Windows as per the following website link:
But the ROCm devices work properly using Blender exe downloaded from official website.

It looks like the blender source code is NOT equivalent to the downloadable executable provided at official blender website given above

I would like to have the setting which need to be done while building blender source code so that it will have HIP section enabled in /EDIT–>Preferences–> System and AMD ROCM supported devices can be listed for ROCm on Windows.Currently if I build blender and open blender.exe generated after build, then on clicking HIP section in Edit ->Preferences->system the application crashes.
Please help me how to build blender for getting AMD GPU binaries for ROCm.


I don’t know anything, but I had seen this before.


In order to have the Hip kernels compile you need to install a HIP compiler. When blender build script doesn’t detect a HIP compiler it will disable compilation of it. If you have it installed and the option turned on it will compile the kernels.

Please check the documentation provided in our wiki Building Blender/Windows - Blender Developer Wiki last section refers to Building Blender/GPU Binaries - Blender Developer Wiki .

If your doing actual development it is adviced to disable kernel builds as they can take a long time.

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The HIP SDK for building AMD GPU binaries is not currently publicly available, we hope this will be released soon.

It seems the Windows version of HIP SDK is still only available to blender’s build server.