Blender requires gcc11?

im on ubuntu 20, yesterday i downloaded in a new directory the new libraries and files to compile blender, when i put in the console “make release” it fail and said among several things that GCC 11 was not found, after a wile trying to install and put gcc11 as default it builds, but after someone commenting me that he can build with gcc-8 i start looking and the required version is 9 . . .

now blender is builging, more or less but what could be the reason for blender asking me for gcc 11 for compile?, i follow the steps in the official wiki

We’re in the process of moving to a new supported platform, and the wiki has not been updated yet to account for these changes. tracking ticket here the new libraries were announced on the developer mailing list in this message

It’s also good to realize that “not supported” doesn’t equal “won’t work” having an older GCC you could get lucky and it may work out of the box, you may need to do some code changes in blender, you may need to rebuild every dependency from scratch and make changes in them to get them to build. Not supported just means we don’t test with it or spend any resources trying to make it work.

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i see, so its not my ubuntu installation that started crazy things neither my memory playing tricks, i knew i read something about gcc11, ok then is transition time i keep an eye on the mailing list an meeting minutes to be updated so i don’t go crazy with this, im more a vertex pusher than a command writer.

we are moving to GCC 11 , the wiki has not been updated to account for this.

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