Blender replace mentaflow by openMaelstrom (GPU)

Hello dear devs i’m walking in the world wide web and i found this open techno for replace Mentaflow in facts is more fast, can be accelerated by GPU, optimized and fully OpenSource, he can be integrated in blender… I did not deepen my research but I wanted to share this immediately with you in view of the performances offered by this Libraries!
and is can be used for SPH Simulation too !

In the same time i found the DualSPHYsics is really a good physics motor engine !

Are you looking to work on this or is this “just a neat idea” ?

The fact it hasn’t seen a single commit in 2+ years is troublesome…

I know i seen to since 2 years nothing is updated :confused: But i don’t find anything more recently… for now i’m search a good project for replace Mentaflow… because Mentaflow is based on CPU and… really is TIME TO UPDATE AND SWITCH IT ON GPU ! i’m still searching… but i think the update he’s can be really quick :slight_smile:

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