Blender randomly hangs - what CLI debug options should be enabled for GPU issues?

Recently Blender started to stop responding on me. Usually it happens when switching workspace or shading like going solid->wire. Also expierienced it during smoke replay in viewport. I’m on Linux and killiing the process with SIGTERM or SIGKILL frees the system resources but the Blender process respawns.
I’m not sure what is the culprit and I suspect that this might be AMD GPU driver issue as this happens to me with Blender versions 2.90, 2.91 and 2.92.
I want to inspect this further and here is my question - does Blender offer some command line arguments to troubleshoot cases like that?
Thanks for help.

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Thank you @ankitm. I should have looked better.

I still cannot pinpoint when exactly the hangup happens.
Things that I’ve done:

  • Upgraded distro to testing release (Debian Bullseye flavour)
  • Upgraded AMDGPU-PRO drivers 20.10 -> 20.40 (for Ubuntu)

The hangup happens randomly without a warning or stuttering. The program never crashes so there is no crash.txt file. After killing it - it respawns, but the Blender and Blender Render windows never dissappear. Sometimes the RAM is not freed.

The only concrete thing that I found was in console log after running Blender with --debug-all and --factory-startup. The hangup happened during rendering smoke simulation in Blender 2.90.1 hash 3e85bb34d0d7:

I1218 17:44:06.270004 65191 blender_session.cpp:586] Total render time: 15.4228
I1218 17:44:06.270020 65191 blender_session.cpp:587] Render time (without synchronization): 15.2074

I have the whole log, but it has 48MB.

Scene was made in exact same release version.
Don’t know if this is enough for valid bugreport.

Can you try passing -t 1 also, to see if that changes something ?
Also, best to file a bug report.

Will try it in next test.