Blender - Python module not building proper files, but shows as succeeded - Mac OS 12.6 M1 Max


I’m currently following Building Blender/Other/BlenderAsPyModule - Blender Developer Wiki to the point. I’ve been able to setup everything without issues, but as soon as I try make bpy it builds and installs, but I never get a or 3.4 file to be copied over to my python framework.

Terminal dump below.

We’re in the middle of changing the bpy module building, the wiki docs have not been updated yet.

But basically, you have to ensure WITH_INSTALL_PORTABLE=ON for building, and copy over the bpy folder instead of

Also remove /Users/esutton/blender-git/lib/darwin_arm64/python/lib/python3.10/site-packages/bpy since bpy was not supposed to be installed in the libs there.