Blender lite versus full

What’s the difference for me as a user when I install compiling Blender lite instead of the full version? Does it omit functionality?

As a developer, what files show what you download additionally on compiling when you decide to make the full version instead of lite?

What’s the difference for me as a user when I install compiling Blender lite instead of the full version? Does it omit functionality?

It does, the lite configuration disables all of blenders optional components, to get an idea what modules are turned off you can take a look at the lite configuration file

No additional downloads are needed beyond the library folder to build either lite of full, it’s just a compilation switch to exclude certain chunks of code.


How come when I compile the full version itself, it will turn into a 300+ MB executable, even though the source code is less than 50 MB? It should downsize, not upsize.

I read somewhere, maybe in the Makefile, that the full version does download additional libraries.

There’s no reason or rule that says compiled code could must be bigger or smaller than its source, for a source file that just has a lookup table the resulting binary would likely be smaller than its source, for some heavily templated C++ codefile, it can generate much much more. It all depends what’s in the file. Also the 3rd party libraries like openvdb and usd will take a significant chunk of the final binary size while the integration code into blender is likely less than a couple hundred K’s

The library folder you download contains all the files you need for both full and lite builds, beyond it no further downloads are required or done.

The 3rd party libraries such as openvdb and usd aren’t included in the Blender package? The files the directories labeled such contain are really small and the location they point to of the files they use is inexistent.

In my /lib/ folder my “usd” directory contains 907 files totaling 1.31 GB…

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Okay. I don’t have that. Does it automatically download and install those? If so, where can I find when and how it automatically does this?

You should have that or you wouldn’t be able to compile and you mention that you did so earlier. Mine is in the root of my “blender-2.8-git” folder.

I didn’t compile earlier, I downloaded the latest version as a Mac App compiled and ready to go and the source code separately.

Please note also, MacOS Monterey doesn’t have Python anymore. I think I read Blender made use of that while compiling also. That might become an issue, if I read correctly.

I made the assumption that you had already successfully compiled because you asked:

If you think you are missing any necessary parts needed to compile then you might want to check again here to make sure you followed the instructions. It shows how to download both the sources and the libraries: Building Blender/Mac - Blender Developer Wiki

If you want to see the actual size of programs on a Mac, if you have one, you can just open the package that’s presented as a program by right clicking and then clicking “Show Package Contents.” Packages are actually directories. That’s how I can see that it compiles into a 359MB file.

I downloaded the source by selecting source code instead of Windows or Mac executable, so not the way the link you gave me describes it.

Below the link you most-likely selected is one that includes Libraries:

You really want to follow the instructions on the link I gave you to do it correctly

I really just want the 3D stuff and I want to know up front what I’m downloading. If you hand me a download link (the install guide link from before) without me knowing what it links to, it’s not smart to just click it.

I think I’m going to try to just make and install Blender Lite. I have Motion and Final Cut Pro to do the rest and if I’m going to contribute to the source code I want to focus on the 3D aspects of the program. I think I don’t have to download those libraries that way.

By the looks of it, I can do a good job clearing up and structuring the code.

So, if I unzip that 703MB package that also contains the 1.31GB library and a bunch of other source code libraries equally big? I don’t have to download anything else?

That 700MB source package is there for compliance reasons only, GPL requires us to make the blender source and the source of all its dependencies available. The package you downloaded is that package, we do not support building from that package.

one could do it but it would take you several weeks or months (depending on your experience) to build every dependency blender depends on and we offer no support for building blender that way.

The only supported (from our side) way to build blender is following the guide in the wiki @Harleya linked.

You should follow the instructions I gave you. If you want to go your own way then you are on your own.

Your sunglasses don’t make me blind. I think for myself and consider that if I just click download links, I don’t know what I’m downloading. I’m not your slave and I can think for myself.

I’m not making you do anything. Do anything you wish.

I think I’ll just have to figure it out for myself then. I don’t see how a 2MB program can turn into a monstrosity like this.

There is no monstrosity or mystery if you simply follow the instructions we provide you. Building Blender/Mac - Blender Developer Wiki