Blender in "WindowsApps" issues with manual addons, discussion

Well i never expected i’d write this kind of topic.

I have the Blender install from the MS store, which i find quite handy, however i have discovered a big issue with it, or rather the issue is with how all the MS store apps are stored in the “WindowsApps” folder.

I’m trying to manually install an addon that has to be manually copied into the addons folder, the problem is since the root install is in the “WindowsApps” folder, it’s impossible to install the addon cause i cant access it, i’ve tried everything from taking ownership to cmd copy paste, nothing.

Apparently that folder is HEAVLY protected.

So now the question is, how would one install a manually installable addon in such a situation. Can the Blender devs do something about it ? anyone else experienced this ?

Additional paths can be used to load add-ons etc from.

as you noticed that folder is heavily sandboxed and they don’t want you playing with it, however you should be able to copy the addon to c:\Users\your_user_name_here\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.93\scripts\addons\ and even the window store version of blender should pick up on it.

Thx guys.

Would be interesting if there were a button in the addons section, “install folder”, where instead of picking a zip file you would pick a folder which the operation would copy over to the appropriate folder :slight_smile:

Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Heya again guys, i have to ask something.

I only use the MS store version of blender however it does not create a folder in the appdata/roaming folder, i have to do that manually.

Is i possible for the MS store version to create the folder filepath, so thats its less of a hassle to install addons manually ? :smiley: