Blender Foundation annual report 2019

Hi everyone,

A bit overdue, I know! Here is a report from Blender Foundation 2019. I am available to answer questions or reply to feedback in this thread. Just FYI: for 2020 we scheduled to make a more detailed report, include contributor profiles, realized projects and include the Blender Institute finances as well.



Very informative presentation, thank you!
It is 2020, the end of a decade, are such reports available for previous years, for example 2010 or 2015, at least briefly?

That is still on the long todo here. Unfortunately, with growth also comes substantially more overhead. Until a few years ago I was running all the foundation overhead all myself.


I remember time when BF was making ~3000 eur of monthly donations… and how massive it is now.
It was an interesting decade, at least I will definitely wait for such a report)
Thank you for the answer.

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I am happy to see the plans to increase the salary levels substantially. The current salaries seem very low for such talented people (though I admit I don’t know the specifics of the tech labor market in the Netherlands). Blender has been lucky to have had such devoted employees who value working on such a rewarding project so much that they are probably ignoring better-paying opportunities. But they deserve better, if BF can afford it.


:rofl: Coming from the guy who has volunteered so much wonderful code! You’re a treasure!


It will be great to see the 2020 report to compare the growth of just a single year. Looking forward to that, 2020 has been a great year for Blender!


Thank you for the report. I’m very happy to see development fund members like me (Platinum membership) are still the biggest group financing the foundation.

It’s good to see the salary levels are increasing. Working and living in northern Europe, especially in Amsterdam, is quite expensive. The people need a financial backup for their private life, beside the Blender development, too. Buiding a family and meeting friends is an important part in life that don’t be forgotten.

Keep the great work going on!


Thank you, Ton! Hope this encourages people to put a couple of bob in the till now and again. It’s the little from a lot that sees you through the rainy days.

Is there any reason other contributors were not mentioned in the report? I believe their contribution is valuable as well, isn’t it?
For what is making Blender standing is not only those big names, but individuals who has been standing for something they believe in when no one believed.