Blender for streeming, cloud computing, cell phones, and bakes and AI in Renderfarms

Blender for streaming / cloud computing. Within a few years it is possible that streaming games will become a reality. Wouldn’t it be possible for software like Blender to be capable of the same feat? Imagine if only the 3D view was transmitted? It would be the heaviest part. Menus and even nodes would not need to be transmitted because they are very light to view. Through upscaling it would be possible to transmit a lower resolution 3D view. Or just transmit about 15 or 20 frames and use AI to raise it to 30/60. Furthermore, software does not need the same level of input lag as an action game would.
The other day I saw the advertisement for an expensive cell phone, a super cell phone, with a nearly 3 GHZ processor and 8 cores, probably with threads, in addition to a 12GB RAM. More powerful than some notebooks. It only lacks this type of device to have a video card and SSD. This means that soon there will be cell phones capable of playing Blender natively. Add to that the new world of hardware streaming and we have a chance to imagine a Blender running almost anywhere. Like at Stadia. Even though you need a portable keyboard and mouse.

This also made me think about the current reality of Render Farms. I believe that they can bring a new reality to the CGi community, Blender and the Blender Foundation. I imagine you may have heard of Sheepit Renderfarm ( A simply brilliant idea. One of the only problems we would face in terms of performance on a laptop would be for more expensive processes like rendering, and these renderfarms solve that. Unfortunately what no Renderfarm has today, and includes payouts or Sheep it, is the ability to calculate bakes. For example, physics bakes, for … particles, hair or fluid and sediment simulation. I believe that this is a necessity for many. Going further, why not add to the render farm the possibility of training AI with Neural Networks? There would be no way to have a more complete Render Farm, whether we’re talking about Blender, other software or a new generation of programmers. You could buy points to be able to use in your renders, bakes and workouts. Or you could buy a monthly or annual fee. If you wanted, you could use it for free as usual. The use of your latent hardware gives you points so you can use it for free, be it from your PC or cell phone.
In fact, it all makes me think of the current generation of consoles. Look at the new XBox, for example! To start with, why not be able to use it to run Blender? Or even use the console hardware to give you points for Sheep it, in case you are not using it or else it is only used to run very light software or games like Netflix.

I would like to basically discuss two things in this post:

Streaming Blender using cloud computing, such as Stadia, and running on cell phones

And a render farm capable of making bakes (like physics) and AI training, which could be Sheep it itself

But we can talk about other things too, as if it would be possible and interesting to have new consoles running Blender. Or at the very least, being used to give you Sheep it points

I thought a lot before making this post here because I don’t know if it seemed suitable for RCS. For it is more a conversation about the future of Blender than a direct request for a function. Usually when you write there at RCS you already have a well-grounded concept for transmitting it to the community. This is a concept to be discussed with the Blender community. It also doesn’t fit on artist forums. I have 2 other posts that I believe fit the same type of problem. If the right place is not the BD I change places :slight_smile: