Blender for Disabled Users


Sorry for my English, I am a French user
Is there an option or a plugin to use Windows virtual keyboard with Blender?
Currently it is unusable… Impossible for example to make a displacement on an axis…

thank you very much


Isn’t the virtual keyboard app working with Blender?
Currently there’s probably no option inside of Blender to use any virtual keyboard.

You can test…

For example when I click on G then I click on Z bah my second click does not work for the axis but for the wheel of the change of rendering

Nobody has a solution?

Well you started with a very vague description of your problem. At first implying that the virtual keyboard doesn’t work at all. Someone tried eliciting more details from you and you replied that he could test it himself. Then you said that the virtual keyboard works a bit in that your first key works correctly while the second one “does not work for the axis but for the wheel of the change of rendering” which isn’t something I can follow.

I have the MS virtual keyboard installed on my system but I can’t fathom how it could ever work with Blender, since my mouse has to be in an editor area for it to know what you are operating on. So I can use the virtual keyboard to enter text into an input box. And I can start global shortcuts like Ctrl-S to save. But I can’t see how I could press “g” to move an object since my mouse would have to be in the 3DView, but I have to use it to click on the keyboard.

We’d probably need some way of having “sticky areas”. So when your mouse is outside of a Blender window it would still consider an area as active.