Blender eevee, transparent shrinkwrapped objects don't work with volumetrics

I placed a logo on the side of my model, and shrinkwrapped it to the side.

However, it is not affected by the volumetrics as can be seen in the photo above. the logo remains clearly visible. This doesnt occur in viewport, only in render.

Hello there, just made an oversimplified example scene and it seems to work. Lets check if its just a little checkbox or something to make it work for you.

Hope i understand your shrink-wrap process correctly as in placing an object close to another one mimicking the shape.

Some background information:

  • Blender v2.80.74 compiled from code on linux (22-06.2019 at about 13:00)
  • Selected rendering engine is Eevee
  • Image added using the image as plane addon (Not enabled by default)
    – After adding the image as plane I switched the blendmode to ALPHA CLIP (Default was Opaque)
  • Volume created using a cube and the Principled Volume Shader
    – Density @ 1
    – Color slightly shifted torwards red