Blender doesn't compile with MS Visual Studio version 17.4.3

When I first downloaded the Blender source code I was using Microsoft Visual Studio version 17.3.5. After updating to 17.4.3 when trying to compile the master branch in any way be it using make debug, rebuild.cmd or through the Visual Studio debugger it always gives me a whole bunch of errors ranging from compilation errors, linking errors and access denied errors. I ran make update and tried compiling it using several different ways, all failing.

After rolling Visual Studio back to version 17.3.5 everything works again.

What do I have to do to get the source code to work with Visual Studio version 17.4.3?

Try submitting all your error logs first

I kinda don’t want to update Visual Studio to version 17.4.3 again after getting it to finally work again. Does someone else have the same issue?

when you change VS versions, best to remove your build folder, sometimes it updates ok, sometimes it gets VERY unhappy


Just tested it myself, after installing VisualStudio 17.4.3 a removal of the build folder is indeed needed to fix the errors, just like @LazyDodo suggests. After that, Blender compiles without issues for me.

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I already tried that but it still didn’t work. Just to make sure by build folder you mean build_windows_x64_vc17_Debug?

Yes, if beyond that you are still having issues you’ll have to do better than “it doesn’t work” as i can’t diagnose “it doesn’t work” please provide the full build logs

I think I’ll stick with VS version 17.3.5 for the time being and ask again if it doesn’t work again in the future.

I have two questions regarding the build logs you mentioned:
What are they and where can I find them?

It’s the stuff that scrolls by while you build

So you mean the console output while building is the build log?
How do I share a few dozens of thousands of lines of console output on Blender Devtalk?

you save it to a text file (or depending on how you build, there may be a build.log in build folder already) and you attach to a post on the forum

I do indeed have a file called Build.log in my build folder.
Since my last build succeeded there is probably little point in uploading it, but I’ll make sure to attach it next time the build fails after updating Visual Studio.