Blender Devtalk Changelog

I stopped Discourse earlier and moved it to another host, updated the reverse proxy, and restarted the docker image on the new host. If you are reading this, then all went fine :wink:

Updated the icon images used for, among other things, the browser title bar. The previous one was originally transparent but appeared to have changed to a white matte background that looked ugly in the tabs.

The Apple icon image could use some work still?

Changed site mail digest from daily back to the default of weekly. I believe you can override this in your settings if you prefer daily.

Added some new categories:

  • Blender
  • Cycles
  • VSE
  • Python

Added new Blender theme that uses greys and oranges that make the UI site feel a bit warmer than pure white. Check it out!

Added “Primary OS” profile field for users to use to announce what their primary OS for Blender is.

System account now uses a grey scale Blender logo instead of a cog.

I think the orange bar is a bit ugly, maybe use the blue from Might be good to have some consistency between the developer sites.

I just wanted something other than the default pure white look, and nobody else was active here or helped yet etc, so I went with Blender’s orange as something in the meantime.

I noticed that the BlenderDev Twitter account changed it’s avatar like yesterday to a blue logo, and Phabricator I see has a blue header as well (very “blueprint” like indeed, I like it!). Perhaps this is a good scheme? I kinda like the idea, but the problem is that the blue is used in other aspects, such as the tiny blue dot in the header as I type here.

In all honesty, the theme was just a quick hack until an actual html/css guru had some time to go up a theme or something for this. Perhaps Francesco or @pablovazquez could take a look later and do a proper skin? The software seems pretty easy to hook into the CSS and HTML.