Blender Commit Mailing List has stopped?

Hey all,

I watch the Blender Commit Mailing List to get a brief update as to when things have been updated… It seems like it has stopped since Mid February

Unsure if the developers know about this?



The bf-blender-cvs mailing list has been retired when we moved to a new developer platform, there are currently no plans to revive it.

As alternatives:

you can find all commits over at

there’s also rss and atom feeds over at

if you have the repository cloned, git log may also scratch that itch

Thanks! does this mean that the rest of the mailing lists will be retired eventually? i have noticed that the cycles one hasnt been active in months

I’m unaware of any officials plans in this area, @ThomasDinges you have anything on this?

No decision has been taken yet, but yes the plan is to eventually retire the entire mailing list system. It’s low traffic these days.