Blender cloud courses isn't working

hi, im not sure where to place my issue, and im not sure whether its just an issue for me or whether the website has a problem.
im trying to access the blender cloud courses, but when i go to that page i only have the search option with no courses.
typing in the search bar does nothing either.

I can’t make it work either. The search tool seems inoperative and all other tools and pull-down menus seem disabled. Yes - I’m logged in as a Cloud member when I do this. I only have access to the three courses that happen to be advertised on the front page - but there are plenty more.

Please send an email to

I found a workaround, if you know what you’re looking for, find it on YouTube, and follow the link to blender.
I found the full rain course by going through YouTube.

I’ve sent an email to support :+1:t3:

Posted and confirmed on the Bug Tracker: T84339: Page does not load tutorial content
Thank you for raising the flag!

No problem. 🥸
Hope the issue isn’t a big one

The issue has been solved, thanks for the report.

Quool, thank you for the help