doesn't open in chrome based

Since time ago I can’t open with chrome or microsoft edge in windows 10 64bits. O’m not able to find the reason to that. But it works in firefox perfectly.

Hi, I cant open it with
but with
and choose blender-coders.
Edge and Vivaldi browser, cant check on Firefox atm…

Cheers, mib

Seems to work just fine on Brave/Ubuntu.

This has happened to me twice, once on an iPad and once on my desktop. The only way I could find to fix it was to clear cookies. Afterward I had to log in again, but otherwise it worked just fine.

Within that last few hours there is a privacy warning when trying to open the chat on Chrome:

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Hi, this is different to the OP post.
The chat developer has forgot to renew the certificate.
If you trust Blender go advanced > unsave and it work.

Cheers, mib

I think there are also other problems in Chrome, since I can access the site “accepting the risk”, but it’s stuck trying to load the messages. Same happens with the Android app.
While on Firefox it synchronizes correctly.

I don’t know if somebody have read it and change something but after one month where I can’t enter in something was change and I can enter the site, but I need to log again.

I checked again on Linux Chrome and Vivaldi and it work, independent of Certificate.
As I mention above it does not connect to
but it does connect to then I have to choose a channel.
Same on Vivaldi for Android.
Same on Firefox for Linux.
I think it is a bug as you cant connect to
directly but were to report?
If I can catch the chat developer I try to send him to this thread.

Cheers, mib


I can confirm that direct chat links not loading is still an issue. Just shows a “loading” icon. Tested on both Chrome 81 and FF 76 for linux. There was no cookie to remove. I log in, problem solved. I log out again, the bug/feature returns.

Yes, loading forever if you log out and try again to connect
I will report now to the dev channel.

Cheers, mib

It is sort of a known issue at this point. you have to come via home page, not use a direct link to a channel.

OK, thank you for the information.

Cheers, mib