Blender causes Mac Studio to crash in Dutch review video

This might be of interest to @jason-apple:

In a Dutch video review of the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, taking place at the Blender Foundation, developer @JeroenBakker opens the heaviest Sprite Fright animation scene ─ named 030_0020_A_lighting.blend ─ which turns out to shut down the Mac Studio, or at least crash macOS unrecoverably.

Here’s the video starting at the right time:

The voice-over subsequently states that the scene did open the second time they tried. I believe you can activate (auto-translated) subtitles.

I guess the Sprite Fright scene files are freely accessible for investigation of this issue.

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The issue isn’t reproducible, it just happened once during 3 days of stress testing. We were just glad that the cameras where turned on.

It is most likely a power demand that couldn’t be delivered by the hardware, would assume that that can be fixed with firmware updates by Apple. If more investigation is needed the file is available ⚓ T94059 Library Override Resync Performance


I just tried it loads fine on the Macbook from work. Plays back at less than 1 fps in 3.1.2.
Feels like it loads slightly faster in 3.2. but… let me double check something.

Ops slightly faster might be an understatement, did not time it but feels like 10 times faster.
However it something seems strange in 3.2 stuff is missing.

Also very interesting that resizing the window is a lot more fluid in 3.2 than 3.1.2 while the scene is loaded.

Seems Library overrides are missing but not clue how those work or get them fixed or if it is a bug in 3.2. The list is empty in 3.2 (left side).