Blender builds often don't start - what system problem could I face?

I’m working with Blender for years on this particular PC without problem and - for a month or so - more often than not I stuck here when starting a build:

The console stops at this “register” text and hangs there.
I had this with my currently used 2.92 and a 2.93 alpha. I just downloaded the new 2.93.0, to have a fresh try but the screenshot is from that build… so it still does happen.

I don’t think it’s a bug so I haven’t reported it, but what should I try to fix it?
BTW restart usually helps. I made this topic because this time it didn’t.

While I was spending my time writing this post, Blender started. It took around 2-3 minutes.
But… it somehow holds back my system, running wild and if I click on anything on the starting screen it freezes again, greys the screen. After a minute or so this goes away and the default scene runs… seemingly normal. But this is not normal. Please help.

Thanks in advance

I would check for an add-on that might cause the hang, since the register is not something that’s printed in a default installation.


with the startup delay I had a similar problem on my mac.
If there is no internet connection, blender can’t connect to &, and needs 2-4 minutes to start up.

Maybe you switched off your connection or have blocked some ip’s from &

Hope that solves the mystery!?

Thanks a lot guys.
@Robert might have been onto something because I deactivated 5-6 recently installed plugins (pretty randomly) and that solved the issue for now, I could start Blender without worrying since yesterday.

Some of those plugins are near essential but I have to finish a job so I’ll deal with pinpointing the real prankster of those later. It doesn’t help that there’s no way to list addons in install order.
(that might be a good RCS proposal)

@Nurb2Kea Blender doesn’t require an internet connection and shouldn’t attempt to connect to GitHub or the internet in general. If it does, then this is likely due to an add-on you’ve installed.