Blender builds glibc

Hi guys, yesterday I’ve been downloading a latest build from
and realised that does not run under my c7 environment.

Looking at the causes seems to be due to the glibc version compiled with.

Working : 219
not working 224

Is there any plan to provide a lower version of glibc in the builder ?

Yesterday I put myself on building a simple sheet to see what library version there are between blender and what vfxplatform suggests to use. Thought there would have been more .

If someone can help filling the gaps would be great (eg: gcc version)

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There’s no immediate plan to provide a build for a lower glibc version.

The announcement for the upgrade was here:

Thanks @brecht I’ve been looking for the announcement but could not find it.
I’ll check on my side what is building with lower versions.

Shame though does not run on c7.