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Here you can leave feedback and remarks related to the new Benchmark initiative.




I’ve run the quick benchmark, clicked share and got the page that said the results are submitted and I could close the window. When I did, the results don’t appear under, pressing the share button again results in a 400 / “The submitted data is not valid”.

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CPU benchmark crashes on the classroom scene “Unfortunately, crash happened” (Windows 10 64-Bit). Is there any error log stored somewhere that I can submit?

Same error! Windows 10 x64

I’ll add tickets for these problems

I would love to see the option for a questionnaire (I mean you really shouldn’t be doing anything intensive during the benchmark)

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Do not known whether it has an effect on the benchmark results, but while starting the benchmark I got:

$ blender-benchmark-1.0beta-linux-glibc219-x86_64/blender-benchmark 
Color management: using fallback mode for management
Color management: scene view "Filmic" not found, setting default "Default".

@FransSlothouber It won’t make a difference, it’s simply that the color management option for filmic is missing. Assuming that none of the builds include it (Windows doesn’t either, can’t test on OSX), everybody will render with the same settings.

Hi, the issue has been fixed :slight_smile: Could you please download the Benchmark bundle again?

Apart from the Barbershop Interior crashing on my system it worked like a charm, all data submitted fine.

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I think it would be interesting to see the compute device brands & models on a graph to see how they compare with one another since the CPU graph shows brands & models.


Is there a way to run the windows benchmark from the command line and get an output automatically without interaction? Looking to roll it into our automated testing scripts

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I downloaded the bundle two hours ago.
Running and saving the quick benchmark locally worked (macOS High Sierra).
I did receive an error message when trying to submit.

There seem to be no cpu clock for ryzen even for intel it seems just a paste of cpu name entry??

Benchmark app hangs up after clicking “Share result” - browser opens, but application hangs up.

Win10 x64.

No start button and cpu selecting area appearing on dual cpu system running windows 10 64bit

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Error in windows 7 when I want to share online. The benchmark works well.

Report error:
‘utf-8’ codec can`t decode byte 0xed in position 4: invalid continuation byte

SO: Windows 7 64bits
CPU: AMD FX-8350

Thanks!, finally an official Benchmark where users can easily share their results.

Some questions.
After sending the data, do I have to take any action on My Data? There is an option that I do not understand about “Bulk Actions” and Apply.

About cheating prevention:

Can the Benchmark really know the real frequency that CPU or GPU are running if the user is overclocking?

I am not sure if it is possible to make modifications in setup files of the downloaded package for benchmark (for example choose custom tile sizes, samples, or CPU+GPU for GPU render for example). If this is possible, does the Benchmark perform some checksum on all the files to know if files have been modified?

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Instead of time you should use points. Like 1 000 000 divided by time. Thus 1 000 000 / 595.54 seconds = 1679 points. Or a combination of both for those who likes that.

Also the progress bar only shows properly on the first render test.

You should use the latest Blender daily build and make it possible to combine the GPU and CPU on the same render. Also I have found that Hilbert spiral combined by a block size of 24x24 rendering the fastest when combining the CPU and GPU.

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